Endorsements and Neighborhood Support

Elected And Former Elected Leaders

“Travis Leiker knows how to make tough decisions and what it means to lead with conviction. From his work at the University of Colorado to leadership in Denver neighborhoods, Travis has the capacity to get things done.”


Former Denver City Council President
Denver City Councilwoman – District 8 (1999-2007)
The first African American to chair the Downtown Denver Partnership

“We need a city council that knows how to cross Civic Center Park–from the City and County Building to the Colorado State Capitol–and build partnerships, leverage relationships, and secure the outcomes needed for Denver. That is Travis Leiker. His experience in public policy and ability to navigate complex institutions will be crucial for the challenges we face as a city.”


Colorado State Representative – House District 2

“Travis Leiker has been working with other neighborhood leaders to advance citywide solutions to support Denver’s growing unhoused population. He has assured me that investing in all Denver neighborhoods, especially those historically underrepresented or marginalized, will be one of his major areas of focus on city council. I know we can count on him to stand for all of us on the Denver City Council”


Former Colorado State Senator – Senate District 34

“I have had the privilege of working with Travis Leiker for more than 17 years. He’s been an essential community leader in fighting for policies that promote fairness, equity, and economic opportunity. I know he will be a champion for Denver’s women and families as the next at-large member of Denver City Council.”


Colorado State Senate – Senate District 24

“Travis Leiker has contributed greatly to the University of Colorado’s recent successes. He has formed new partnerships with health care leaders and helped create millions of dollars in student scholarships. While 10 miles separate the Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses, each share a number of priorities. Affordable housing for students, bus rapid transit along Colfax Avenue, and community safety are just a few. We need Travis on the Denver City Council to see that these needs are successfully addressed.”


University of Colorado – 6th Congressional District

“Denver is evolving. We need a city council that honors the past but has a keen understanding of the city’s changing population and shifting needs. Whether you were born in Denver or you are a recent transplant, Travis Leiker is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable city.”


Former Colorado State Senator – Senate District 16
First woman to serve as President of the Colorado State Senate

“Travis Leiker understands Denver’s magnificence and capacity to do big things. This includes promoting smart development and ensuring all Denverites have clean air, safe water, and walkable neighborhoods. Denver can create jobs and reduce the city’s carbon footprint. Travis is ready to lead on day one.”


Former United States Senator – Colorado

“Ten Denver neighborhoods account for nearly 40% of the city’s most violent crimes. We need a city council that is going to support smart policy and neighborhood safety in ALL communities. This includes addressing gun violence. Travis Leiker has the leadership skills and citywide vision to get Denver back on track.”


Former Colorado State Representative – House District 3
Public Affairs Representative at Colorado Ceasefire

“Clean, fair elections are essential to Denver’s future. Travis Leiker is participating in the Denver Fair Elections program and remains committed to good government. As councilman at-large, Travis will ensure Denverites…regardless of socioeconomic background…have a voice at the leadership table.”


Former Colorado State Representative – House District 9

“Denver’s future has both regional and national implications. It is important for the city to have leaders who understand this significance and are willing to form partnerships transcending geographic boundaries. Travis Leiker can see the big picture. From addressing the city’s housing shortage to championing multimodal transit, he will roll up his sleeves to get these and other big agenda items done.”


Colorado State Senate – Senate District 17

As a physician and state senator, I worked everyday to improve health care outcomes for Denver’s marginalized populations. Travis Leiker shares this commitment and understands how municipal-level policymaking can improve overall public health. He is committed to creating a safer, healthier Denver through increased philanthropic support for safety net providers and wants to enhance Denver’s sidewalk infrastructure. Join me in supporting his race for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023.”


Former Colorado State Senator – Senate District 32

“I proudly endorse Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023. He has the background, expertise, and savvy to be a key thought partner to our next mayor. This is paramount to our city’s future successes. From DIA to Harvey Park and Downtown to University Hills, Travis is committed to doing what is in the best interest of Denver.”


Former Denver City Council President
Denver City Councilwoman – District 5 (2009-2019)

“I love this city and care about its future. That is why I am endorsing Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At Large. He brings extensive community leadership experience, as well as a commitment to consensus building, to the role. We need that more than ever, and I am confident that Travis will do important work for the people of Denver.”


Former State Senator – District 31

“What we need most in government right now is people of character who we can trust–those who will work tirelessly to improve the lives of those they represent. I’ve known Travis for years, and he is that person for Denver. Travis has a proven record of working with people from across the Front Range and the state to increase equity, protect our environment, and expand access to reproductive healthcare. I’m proud to support Travis for Denver City Council.”


Colorado State Senate – Senate District 26

“Travis Leiker brings the right mix of forward-looking values, an appreciation for complex systems, and a thorough understanding of organizational leadership. He is the right choice for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023.


Denver City Council – District 4

“Denver needs new leadership and a new direction, and Travis Leiker is the candidate to get us there. Travis is a smart and capable manager, has a strong record of accomplishments, and he’s proven his dedication to making Denver a better place for all. We’re proud to support Travis Leiker for Denver City Council.”


CEO and Co-Founder, Project Canary
Former Colorado State Senator


Nonprofit and Marketing Professional

“Travis has the big picture view of Denver that the At-Large City Council position needs. His background and can-do outlook will prove a valuable asset to Denver City Council. Electing Travis Leiker in 2023 is a big step in a positive direction, and I am excited to have him bring his knowledge to our local government. It will be great to work with him on the most pressing transit issues facing our city.”


RTD Board of Directors – District A

“Travis Leiker is committed to ensuring young Denverites have the community support and services they need to achieve their fullest potential. He understands the job of council and its role in funding critical city programs—early childhood education, workforce development, and safe, stable housing to name a few. I am excited to endorse him for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023.”


Former Board President and Director – Denver Public Schools
Former Board Member – Colorado State Board of Education (CD1)

“Denver’s prominence on the global stage has risen over the past two decades, and the city must maintain this momentum. It’s important to elect leaders who understand Denver’s role and opportunity to be a model international city. That’s why I support Travis Leiker.  “


Iraq War Veteran, National Security Leader, and
Former Colorado State Representative – District 38

“When I was elected to City Council, Denver faced a number of challenges–building the new international airport, addressing gun violence in neighborhoods, and investing in safety net programs to support the homeless. Some 25 years later, we face similar issues. Travis Leiker brings the energy and job readiness we need to solve issues and get big things done in Denver. I am excited to endorse him for Denver City Council At-Large and encourage others to do the same.”


Former Denver City Council President
Denver City Councilwoman – District 4 (1993-2003)
Former State Senator – District 35 (2009-2013)

“Regional partnerships will be critical to Denver’s future and the long-term successes of the surrounding region. That is why I am endorsing Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023. From public health strategies to improving air quality, Travis will hit the ground running with the solid understanding that regional solutions are the best way to take on common challenges.”


Former Mayor, City of Englewood
Civic Leadership and Municipal Policy Expert

“Travis Leiker is a nuanced thinker and has a track record of bringing divided parties together. He wants to invest in more neighborhood transit options and will work to build community wealth. That is why I proudly endorse Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023. From supporting local workforce needs to cutting red tape, Travis is ready and he is the community leader Denver needs now.”


RTD Board of Directors – District C


“I’m supporting Travis Leiker’s candidacy for Denver City Council At-Large. Travis has a track record of tackling complex issues in an inclusive way. He does so with an intentionality to make organizations more effective and the community around him a more equitable place.”


Former Denver City Council President
Denver City Councilman – District 9 (2011-2019)

“The 2023 municipal elections mark an important turning point for Denver. As voters weigh the future of the city and elect a new mayor and city council, it’s important to support those with the strategic know-how and management experience that will help deliver a better quality of life for all Denverites. Travis Leiker is committed to creating a great city for everyone, and I proudly endorse him for Denver City Council At-Large.”


Former Lt. Governor, State of Colorado (2007-2011)
Former At-Large Director and Vice-President, Denver Public Schools (2017-2021)
Early Learning and K-12 Policy Advocate

“This is the most important Denver municipal election in my lifetime, and I can think of no one more prepared to take on the role of Councilperson At-Large than Travis Leiker. He is an effective manager and committed to leaving no neighborhood behind.”


Colorado State House | House District 5

“I am endorsing Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large. As a small business owner, I am confident that Travis will support entrepreneurship and small business development throughout the Mile High City. And, we share a belief that academic and economic opportunities are essential to future generations–especially in historically underrepresented communities. I have known Travis for 15 years, and he will deliver for Denver.”


University of Colorado – 1st Congressional District

“Denver is at an inflection point. The city needs members of the Council who understand the complexities of running a city and those who fully understand the safety concerns in each neighborhood. Travis Leiker’s ability to deliver results and focus on accountability will ensure that all city departments work well and fulfill their duty to create a safe, thriving community. We proudly endorse him for Denver City Council At-Large.”


Former Denver District Attorney


Nonprofit Leader and Public Safety Advocate

Community Leaders

“Denver faces a number of vexing issues. We need city leaders who have the capacity to see through these complexities, the tenacity to work through bureaucratic silos, and the drive to implement a better, more effective city government. As Denver elects its next city council, Travis Leiker will bring both competence and job readiness to City Council on day one.”


Community Leader, Policy Advisor, and
Campaign Manager/Senior Advisor to
former Denver Mayor Wellington E. Webb

“More than a decade ago, Travis Leiker and I met at a political training program focused on recruiting, training, and supporting women who want to run for public office. As an At-Large member of Denver City Council, I know Travis will champion policies that promote equity at the city level. He will ensure that Denver’s women and girls have a voice in shaping the future of the city.”


Former Colorado Constituency Director, Biden-Harris Campaign
President of Colorado Black Women for Political Action

“As a mother of young children, I care deeply about the future of our city. It is important to elect a Denver City Council that will support a diverse, thriving economy where all Denverites can excel and achieve their fullest potential. Travis Leiker understands our future workforce needs, and he will be a dynamic At-Large member of City Council.


Parent, Nonprofit Executive, and Latino Community Leader

“Through sound judgment and steady leadership, Travis Leiker has turned around organizations that were once on the brink of bankruptcy. He will bring big picture thinking and an entrepreneurial tenacity to Denver City Council. It’s time for a new day in the Mile High City, and Travis will deliver.”


Community Leader, Nonprofit Advocate
Managing Real Estate Broker

“Denver faces an unprecedented housing crisis, and it disproportionately affects veterans. As a neighborhood champion, Travis Leiker continues to push leaders to fully implement the Built for Zero strategy to end homelessness. It has been a nationwide model for homeless vets and will be critical to supporting other unhoused Denverites.
Travis has what it takes to get our city back on track.”


Veteran, Father, Lawyer, Community Advocate

“Travis earned my endorsement and support because he has what it takes to get Denver back on track. His experience working with community organizations and nationally recognized public policy groups gives Travis the know-how to get things done. Our great city will be made better by having his leadership on Denver City Council.”


Lawyer and Community Advocate

“My family has been involved in Denver politics for nearly 150 years, and the 2023 municipal elections will be another opportunity to make our voices heard. I am excited to support Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large. He is passionate about Denver’s history and brings a fresh, entrepreneurial outlook to the job.”


Community Leader, US Senate Campaign Staffer
and Former Congressional Aide

“A successful downtown and vibrant neighborhoods are important to Denver’s future. When building a city that works for everyone, we need smart, decisive leaders who look at problems as opportunities and not roadblocks. In 1983, Denver voters imagined a great city and voted for bold, new leadership. I’m supporting Travis Leiker, because 40 years later, we need to get important things accomplished.”


President, Urban Ventures, LLC

“Travis Leiker has the lived experience and a career devoted to understanding the needs of individuals, building community, and seeing the brightest possibilities during a person’s most vulnerable times. As a seasoned capacity builder at CU, Travis has impacted thousands of lives through collaboration and his deliberate work in building public-private partnerships. His compassion for community and commitment to cooperation have proven to be critical in his 5+ years as the President of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods. In that role, there are clear examples of where he has worked to make our city stronger. Right now, the city needs Travis Leiker’s leadership and his understanding of how citizens and the city can work in true partnership to address the complex societal, economic, and overall challenges we face as Denver continues to grow and change.”


Denver Resident, Foundation Executive
and Foundation Board Member

“With all of Travis Leiker’s great experience, he will be a great addition to Denver City Council.”

Lydia Peña, SL

Educator, Author, Artist, Historian, and Community Leader

“Communities of faith have provided aid and support to our neighbors in the greatest need, and we have relied on At-Large members of Denver City Council to do this important work. That is why I am endorsing Travis Leiker for Denver City Council in 2023. Whether it is addressing climate change or expanding affordable housing options, we can count on him to take a values-based approach to leadership and to do what is right.”


Faith Leader, Educator, and Climate Advocate

“I cannot think of a better fit for Denver City Council than Travis Leiker. Travis has been deeply engaged in all communities in Denver and will bring a pragmatic, practical and thoughtful approach to legislating on our city’s most important issues. Travis not only stands up for what’s right for our community, but he is also a strong advocate for small and medium-sized business growth throughout Denver while encouraging entrepreneurs and business owners to take the risks necessary to make Denver a more vibrant economy for all. I can’t wait to work with Travis in 2023 and beyond!”


CEO & Managing Partner | EXDO Group Companies

“As an urban planning consultant, I’m supporting Travis Leiker because he cares deeply about Denver, he understands city government, and he has proven to be a very hard working, effective leader during his years as President and Executive Director of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN).”


Urban and Regional Planning Policy Advisor, University Lecturer, and Past member of the Denver Planning Board

“Denver City-Council At-Large is an important and unique role that is only effective when we elect leaders with the ability to listen to citywide voices and bring together neighbors, elected officials, and city staff to work on a wide range of policy topics that take sustained focus to address. Travis Leiker is that kind of leader, and he’s ready for this role. He has an impressive record of convening people with kindness and openness, and engaging everyone to find solutions, just as the most effective City Council At-Large members in the past have done. As a neighborhood advocate and past neighborhood organization president myself, I value Travis’s successes in Capitol Hill, and I know that he will work with neighborhoods citywide to ensure we all have our voice in the future of the city.”


Past President – Curtis Park Neighbors
Transportation Committee Chair – Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC)
Chair – Denver Planning Board

“As President of Uptown on the Hill RNO, I worked with Travis and other concerned citizens to support the first Safe Outdoor Spaces. We saw them as a humane, temporary response to the crisis of homelessness in our neighborhoods. I appreciate the way Travis, as the leader of CHUN, addressed numerous other community issues in a creative and inclusive way, and I am confident he will be an energetic and thoughtful addition to the Denver City Council.”


Community Activist

“I first met Travis Leiker more than a decade ago when we worked together to preserve and expand access to reproductive health care. Travis is a collaborative, strategic hard-worker for our community and has always been a strong advocate for women and the LGBTQ+ community. He has the skills and resolve to get Denver on the right course, and I proudly endorse him to be one of our next at-large members of Denver City Council.”


Denverite, Women’s Rights Advocate, Reproductive Health Leader


“Denver Pipefitters Local Union 208 is pleased to announce our support of Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large… At a time of significant challenges in Denver, the next city council will have a unique opportunity to impact the lives of hard working Denverites. We need thoughtful leaders who will include the voices of working men and women in the decision making process. We look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with Travis Leiker over the next 10 months to help him get elected, and then we will partner with him in the following years to shape the future of the Mile High City.”

Pipefitters Local #208

“The 2023 Denver Municipal Elections are an inflection point for the Mile High City. The challenges we face demand creative problem-solvers like Travis Leiker. As President of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, he is a pragmatic leader and promotes facts-based decision making. At the University of Colorado, Travis worked across silos to bring millions of dollars to various workforce development initiatives. These qualities will be vital to smart growth policies, affordable housing development, and infrastructure investments. It has been about 35 years since Denver faced so many challenges… and been presented with so many opportunities. It is time for Denver to turn the page. We are pleased to support Travis Leiker’s campaign for Denver City Council At-Large because he will be a solutions-oriented leader in a time when we should expect nothing less.”

Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association

“Denver Fire Fighters are on the front lines serving the citizens and visitors of Denver 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. When we endorse a City Council candidate, we ensure that they are going to provide excellent public safety for you, your families, and your dedicated fire fighters. That’s why, Denver Fire Fighters Local 858 is proud to announce that we have endorsed Travis Leiker to be the next At-Large City Council Representative for Denver. Travis Leiker has already been working to ensure that Denver is on the path to be an excellent city both for its citizens and businesses that choose to make Denver home. Travis has spent 5 years as the President of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, turning an almost bankrupt non-profit to one of the most effective neighborhood associations and fostered many public–private relationships during his time working for the University of Colorado as the Senior Director of Development. Please join your Fire Fighters of Denver and support Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large.”

Denver Fire Fighters Local 858

“Travis Leiker is a leader we can trust to get things done for hardworking Denverites. He will tackle our housing shortage, rebuild our middle class, and fight to make Denver the small business capital of the country. We enthusiastically endorse his campaign for Denver City Council At-Large.”

One Main Street Colorado

“LGBTQ Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large in 2023. Travis brings a 20-year track of hard work focused on the day’s most pressing issues. From supporting access to higher education at the University of Colorado to shaping city policies as President of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Denver can count on him to bring a fresh perspective and job readiness to Denver City Council. Travis will also make history when elected, becoming the first out gay man to be elected to the city council.”

LGBTQ Victory Fund

“Plumbers Local Union 3 is excited to endorse Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large. From his previous work in public policy to building diverse coalitions to take on big issues, Travis will ensure organized labor has a seat at the table. We view Denver’s growth as an opportunity to build more economic prosperity across all demographics, but we need smart, job-ready political leaders to get us there. Travis will deliver for us and Denver’s hardworking families starting on day one.”

Plumbers Local Union #3

“Travis will bring a sophisticated level of oversight and accountability to Denver City Council. He also understands the fundamental need to increase housing supply and streamline the building process to help lower the cost of living for Denver residents. The Metro Housing Coalition is honored to endorse Travis for City Council At-Large.”

Metro Housing Coalition Board of Directors

“As the largest local Realtor Association in Colorado with over 8,500 members, DMAR is proud to endorse Travis Leiker for Denver City Council At-Large. Mr. Leiker has the skills, talent, and commitment we need to ensure all Denver residents have a safe and affordable place to live.”

Denver Metro Association of Realtors Board of Directors

“Denver Police officers are tirelessly serving the citizens of Denver to help make their neighborhoods safe and are happy to endorse Travis Leiker for Denver City Council at Large. Mr. Leiker has successfully partnered with Denver Police in his role as a neighborhood leader, and we are confident he will obtain accountability and results for the safety issues facing our communities. He is experienced, tested, and prepared to take on the big issues facing the Mile High City.”

Denver Police Protective Association

“[It] turns out that politics matters, so MIG is endorsing candidates for the first time ever. Two City Council At-Large candidates have earned our endorsement, and Travis Leiker is one of them. Vote for Travis Leiker!”

Marijuana Industry Group

“…Leiker, who received the endorsement of the Denver Police Protective Association, wants new centralized training facilities for police and other first responders; he supports a nationwide recruitment plan to address gross understaffing, and he seeks, “a better relationship between law enforcement and the community…”

The Denver Gazette Editorial Board

“…the Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers have endorsed your candidacy for Denver City Council At-Large. We hope you will strive and be successful in all your efforts to protect the rights of working families in the state of Colorado.”


Local Union 12 | Local Union 68
Local Union 111 | Local Union 113
Local Union 667